More News!!

Hi folks!!

Thanks for all the lovely messages about my engagement first of all! woo! still super excited!

I have more news to share today that I am also rather excited about (no no I'm not pregnant!), I have totally refreshed my Magic Feather Designs site and I am super chuffed to bits with it! :D

I've been kind of having a good think about a lot of things at the mo' and I am having a bit of an over haul here at Magic Feather HQ..... and I've come to the decision that for now, I am going to give lifestyle blogging a bit of a break. So you will no longer see me here on Jenny and the Magic Feather. I love my blog so much, but just feel at the moment that I have no time and less motivation to blog about my life and what is going on. And as tempting as it is to blog about my wedding planner haha! I also just want to sit back and have fun with it, and not think about how I am going to turn it all in to posts.

However! I am not in anyway dissapearing from the blogging community! I shall be blogging about latest designs, fonts, bits and tips for designs, more fonts, mood boards.... and did I mention fonts already? Over on MFD. I am not setting these posts up weekly though, they will just be as and when I have time and chance to post. 

I am obviously still going to be doing my designs too, infact I am doing all this so I can focus more energy in to designing and building up MFD, without the guilt that I am leaving my own blog to waste away. I will also not be taking down JMF, so it is still here for new readers to look back on. I am super proud of all the work I have done on here, and do not want to just throw it all away.

Thank you so much for following along, I never thought anything I had to say would be interesting to others! And I have met so many awesome people through my blog too, I have had so much fun with it all, which is why I think its best to take a break now while I still love it, and I certainly do intend to return one day when I have less things to think about and more time to focus on creating quality content for others to read.

You can still find me on Twitter (with a new name, still me though!), Pinterest (check out my new wedding board there too!) and of course catch up with whats going on over at Magic Feather Designs!

.... speaking of which.....

So I guess thats it for now peeps!
(feel free to drop me an email anytime though to say hi!!)


  1. Oh Jen I love the new look! I'm having a little break at the moment, but when I get back into things I think I might be looking at a makeover,you of course would be my first port of call!!
    Anna x

  2. :( I will be sad you are not around all the time with your awesome blog posts but I think a break will be just what the doctor ordered, good luck with your new design page, I will go check it now

    much love Brooke x