About Me

Hurrah! You found me!! I'm Jenny, pleased to meet you! 

I live in a cozy apartment in not so sunny Newcastle with my favourite boy and our three little fur balls Walter, Chase and Kevin. Originally though, I am from beautiful Cumbria - the prettiest county in all of England (its true you know!). I am obsessed with felt, crafts, baked goods and general homemade amazingness. I am an occasional photographer (I do technically have a degree in it... ), blog design enthusiast, self confessed film trivia buff and user of too many smiley faces and exclamation marks!!! and this is my blog! I encourage nosiness here, so feel free to poke around, read a little bit and maybe leave me a lovely little comment or two! ooff! 

I generally blog about my life and general goings on around these parts. I love to blog! Having kept a diary on my computer since the age of 15, I am also pretty adept at talking about myself (ha!). I actually just love to tap out my thoughts and ideas. Whether anyone listens or cares of course, is pretty much moot in my opinion! So at the start of 2012, after spending about a year previously being a blog stalker reader, I decided it was time I gave this blogging malarkey ago myself and I seriously have not looked back.

*warning - blog smusheyness coming up!*  Blogging has actually changed my life - I have never been so busy! Suddenly this 'non-joiner' here has turned in to a total 'Yes' lady! YES indeed! :D and I can tell you - and this is actual fact, folks - bloggers are the nicest people ever! I feel very privileged to be part of such an awesome community of people, and if you are sitting there reading this (hiya!) and wondering if you should start your own blog or not, take my advice - just do it! and don't worry, I'll come follow you, or even better I can make you a lovely shiney new blog! woop!

Ok, enough blog love! Go read about me some more now ;D may I suggest the 'Stuff I Do...' page as an excellent place to start!

Speak soon!

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